Women are less blinded by attractiveness than men

Many studies in psychology have shown that people judge how trustworthy a person is on the basis of their first impression of the other person’s facial features. Whether there actually are differences between men and women in this respect has now been investigated by the researchers Dr. Johanna Brustkern, Prof. Dr. Markus Heinrichs and Dr. Bastian Schiller from the Department of Psychology at the University of Freiburg together with Dr. Mirella Walker from the University of Basel in Switzerland. In their experiment, men and women were asked to decide, based on portrait photos of a person of the opposite sex, whether they would entrust that person with money with the risk that the person would keep the money for him- or herself. The bottom line: The faces in the photos varied in their attractiveness and threat. In the study, women trusted attractive-, threatening-looking men significantly less than men trusted attractive-, threatening-looking women. The scientists recently published their research results in the journal Scientific Reports.

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