Titi Dama Opens Up About Her Songwriting Process and Staying Relevant To Streaming Platforms

Titi Dama

Indie Artist Titi Dama has opened up about her songwriting process. During an interview with Thisis50 she said, “When you’re writing, you just wanna make a really good record, drenched in as many hooks as you can possibly muster. The only problem with trying to create records for me, besides ability, is trying not to repeat myself.”

She continued, “I always try to write songs that I have never written before. I always try to add songs to our repertoire that we don’t have already and, lyrically, I also try to not use the rhymes that were done in the past.” 

She added, “That’s probably the hardest because you sort of run out of rhymes and words and phrases and, thus, you need to really sharpen up. Sometimes it comes out really good and sometimes I can look back on lyrics and I’m like ‘yecch.’”

“You just romanticize something that’s in the past, which is fantasy because it’s not exactly how it went down,” she continues, giving us an insight into her music writing process. “Fantasy plays the role of the supplement. I draw on fantasy to make things hyperreal, I guess, to saturate the colors ”.

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