Photography courtesy of Gainsboro Studios, Medicine Hat, Alberta.


As a child I always loved hot dogs. In fact, I could never be a vegetarian because it’s the one food I would miss! I know it seems like like a strange food to miss, but something about it just takes me back to fun times in the sun.

Into my adulthood it continues to be one of my guilty pleasures. Yes, it may be more natural to enjoy a good steak at a barbecue, but I would still be the one eating hot dogs with the kids. So when I found out that Ryan Pattison had opened Weenie’s downtown in Medicine Hat, just a few doors down from the old Town Theatre, I was super excited! I was hoping that they would have really great hot dogs. When I got there I was thrilled and more than pleasantly surprised. Not only did he have my favorite comfort food in multiple gourmet options, but he also had choices of whole wheat or gluten free, macaroni and cheese, tomato soup, sundaes, hard ice cream, milkshakes and more! All of my favorite stuff in one place!

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