Photography courtesy of Gainsboro Studios, Medicine Hat, Alberta.


Medicine Hat is home to one of the most unique museums in the country. Above “Auto’s R Less” car lot on Trans Canada Way, is the largest private Apple computer museum in Canada. Curator Todd Boschee, purchased his first I phone several years ago in the United States before they were even available in Canada. It was a marriage that continues to this day. Todd is a huge advocate of Apple products using part of the museum space for teaching new users about the various products now available through his “Show me Apple,” training” seminars. He is a committed fan over PC products. Some friends offered their old computers as training tools and it just grew to a huge inventory. Todd has almost every Apple device ever made. Students can see computer technology from it’s Genesis to modern day. It is incredible for people in our generation to see those “Old” working machines, from when the personal computer’s debut on the public stage, till IPads. You will see Lisa computers and Apple cameras.

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