Photography courtesy of Gainsboro Studios, Medicine Hat, Alberta.


Twelve years ago someone told Gerard (Ged) Barchoft he couldn’t build a monster truck. That was the beginning. He sold his house in Ross Glenn, took the equity, and spent $130,000.00 putting together the first of Canada’s two Monster Truck racing teams. To replicate that first truck, you would spend closer to a quarter of a million dollars. Spare motors alone range in the $40,000.00 area. Even today, there remains only four such teams in the country. Ged met his partner in life, and racing, at a show and shine. Kathy Wills became the other half of the team piloting their second truck. She is Canada’s only fulltime female driver. These days her truck is used exclusively as a ride platform for charitable events. Painted a beautiful pink to compliment branding, they raise money for breast cancer research.

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