Photography courtesy of Gainsboro Studios, Medicine Hat, Alberta.


Our covers have featured some of Canada’s great entertainers. In keeping with the theme, we want to introduce one of the industries sharpest up and coming movie directors, Lawrence Roeck. You never know who you are sitting next to in public. While relaxing in the Banff Hot Springs, I struck up a casual conversation with our guest this month. I was amazed when he answered my question of what was his business. “I am a movie producer,” he answered casually. So we engaged in our interview there in the 103 degree water. He fascinated me with stories of working at the famed “Pebble Beach Golf Club.” For years growing up he bussed tables and parked cars. Now he enjoys lunches there with Hollywood elite. It was a California childhood of surfing, and dreaming of one day being part of the movie industry. Finally, he met and interned with an American icon, Clint Eastwood. Almost ten years passed while he mastered his craft. As so many celebrities have told me in different ways, luck is that place where determination and preparation collide.

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