Rising Rapper !Neco Uses His Platform To Unite His Audience


Music is a universal language that transcends different boundaries of culture, language, and religion. It surpasses any other barrier that can set people apart. Music is also regarded as a powerful tool that you can use to bring change to the world.

Singer and songwriter Neco (Stylized !Neco) is one of the artists leveraging the power of music to express and portray his German Heritage and genre-bend contemporary Hip-Hop Music. Neco was born in Germany and is dedicated to blurring the lines between different regions. Music has been part of Neco’s life from a young age, and he has grown to become one of the newer contemporary trap artists within his local music scene. 

Beyond his artistry, he has established himself as a sought-after music producer who takes pride in creating music based on reality and not just the typical rap subjects. He also employs a unique music style that merges international sounds with hip-hop, which perfectly integrates with his passion for the traditional Golden Age of Hip-Hop.


Neco has worked with several prolific artists, such as Lil Buckss, Sim Santana, Kamrin House, only to name a few, who all featured him on their respective EP’s. He has faced many challenges, primarily working as an independent artist. His biggest challenge has been finding the best ways to deliver his music to as many people as possible. Writing and making great music has always been an easy task for him, but the challenge lies in the marketing side of music. Fortunately, he has a visible online presence that will put him on a global map.

Neco’s natural talent is unmistakable, and he communicates conviction that he will break into the mainstream. He believes that everything is possible with hard work, perseverance, and the right strategies. He thinks you can achieve whatever you want by using the proper technique. He has found many music artists who are willing to be his mentors, and he has learned a lot about how the music industry works and what pitfalls to avoid.

Maor is determined to continue making outstanding records with musical integrity for the future. He recognizes the power of music to bring pure vibes to his audience without political biases. For him, that’s the essence of music, to positively impact society. Maor’s goal is to keep creating new and impactful music by reaching out and collaborating with artists he grew up listening to. He finds it inspirational that most of them are willing to work with him.

Neco focuses on his upcoming project; with this new release, he promises to reshape and introduce a new side of Ambient Trap. He believes it will significantly boost his efforts to blur the lines between different genres. 

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