Pardon Formula Ad CBT Bigger than SpaceX
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Comes to Hollywood

“The Pardon Formula” is breaking new cinematic ground by taking the audience along with the protagonist into a cognitive behavioral therapy (“CBT”) session. The film is an adaptation of Spencer Lord’s “Brain Mechanic” book, which […]

Vger The Dark City
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Vger presents his new album: THE DARK CITY

In an increasingly violent world, where the extremes seembeing the only recourses, what will become of our sprawling cities?Are we going to experience a set of community spaces underthe yoke of limitless powers or anarchies?What […]

Best Music Video - Fadi Awad
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Two Awards For Fadi Awad at Vegas Movie Awards

On November 14, 2023, The Multi-Awards Winner and the Billboard and Multi-Charted artist Fadi Awad with his masterpiece “To Glory Land” managed to win 2 important Awards in a sought-after high-class film competition: The Award […]