October 22, 2021

Snakedoctors release new album “Mellow Joy”

Snakedoctors just released a new album “Mellow Joy”. Considering that four friends started the band in May of 2020 and it’s their third album – after “Obligation” (2020) and “Joy Free Bowl” – they do […]

Muhammad Al-Anesi

Muhammad Al-anesi. An inspired singer.

Art is that high class message that a group of talented people worked to adopt from generation to generation. some of them had used his talent well , while others had used it in the […]

ekmixmaster produce music at home

Some tips on producing music

Thanks to all the available technology, starting your career as a music producer has never been easier. Today, to start producing, all you need is a laptop with a DAW, a pair of headphones, and […]


Women dazzle with this innovative jewelry line

September 30, 2021, Calgary, Canada – Growing up in a family of doctors, engineers, teachers, and attorneys, Pari felt compelled to follow in their footsteps, and so she did. She went straight into engineering after high […]


Hyphened-Nation: Don’t Check The Box

Hyphened-Nation was inspired by the author’s travels overseas, and time spent living in the United Kingdom. Living abroad was an eye-opening experience, she grew to understand certain aspects of American culture better, the longer she […]

  • Lynx


    Canadian hard rockers, Lÿnx, is coming hard and loud with their second EP ‘Long Live Rock n’ Roll’ released on September 15, 2021 produced by Bullzhorn Records in Canada. Hailing from Canada, Lÿnx is ready [...]
In the Spotlight

Why Italian cinema is starting to glamorize the mafia

For almost a century, American filmmakers have glamorized the Mafia, depicting their ranks as so charismatic and quick-witted that you might want to invite them over for dinner. Audiences saw this most recently in “The Irishman,” [...]

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    Fellon Phelps Makes His Way In Music Industry

    Fellon Phelps aka Jonel Farmer is an respected community leader born and raised in the Glenville neighborhood who loves his city and says radio stations dont support him and the local rappers and they must [...]

It turns out clothes really do make the man

About 14 million people, including me, watched the top Republican presidential contenders spar in their third debate Wednesday night. And while most pundits and viewers were attuned to their words, I noted the importance of what they […]



Hip hop culture paves the way forward

Canada’s cultural institutions need hip hop communities now more than ever. I say this after working as a guest curator at one of Canada’s most significant art galleries — the McMichael Canadian Art Collection — […]