Francis Nguyen 3

Piercing the Veil by Francis Nguyen

Francis Nguyen is a Canadian artist mostly working in bronze casting. Though he is an accomplished painter, his bas-relief sculptures in his new series Piercing the Veil present some of his most captivating work to […]

flori abstractizate

The history of oil on canvas

Unlike tempera painting, which consists of colored pigments mixed with binders in aqueous solution, egg, casein and animal glue, oil colors have linseed, poppy or walnut oil as binder. The oil colors are very bright […]

Eyelash Artist and Lashes by Gollee

Responsibilities of Being an Eyelash Artist

The beauty industry is a big one and keeps expanding with time. One of the established sectors in the industry is the facial beauty sector. This is where eyelash extensions and everything concerning facial beauty […]

Bela Balog - Houses On The Hill

Bela Balog – Digital Fine Art Concepts

Bela Balog began publishing his digital fine art works last year. He has worked at home for several years, experimenting, learning new digital techniques. Already this year, he has received a Featured Artist rating from […]