“Quiet Majesty” New Release From Jacob Hauge Mateo and Ben Bushill Out April 15, 2022


Quiet Majesty

The new EP ‘Quiet Majesty’ by Jacob Hauge Mateo and Ben Bushill brings together two richly creative artists in effortless co-creation. ‘Quiet Majesty’ is a unique and powerful combination of spoken word and transcendent music.

Jacob’s sensitive playing lifts and frames Ben’s deep, intimate voice on a layered and subtle bed of sound. The effect is mesmerizing, leading the listener on a journey of enchantment and feeling. Unusual and affecting, vulnerable and brave this project stands out as something different. A jewel to savour.

Jacob Hauge Mateo and Ben Bushill
Photo credit: Elvirah Flor Søgaard

Jacob Hauge Mateo (DK) is a producer, singer/songwriter, pianist and a father of two boys. ‘Quiet Majesty’ is his 5th album. He has almost 14.000 followers on Facebook and in average more than 10.000 listeners on Spotify each month.

Ben Bushill (UK) is a bard, soothsayer, wizard of words. A husband and father of three girls. A carpenter and a writer. A performer and a recording artist.

The New Ep ‘Quiet Majesty’ is out on all major platforms on Good Friday 15th April. Find out more about Jacob at Jacobhauge.org or jh@jacobhauge.com and Ben at benbushill.com

Facebook: facebook.com/jacobhaugemusic
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/39hGFMaRFCtJtkkErae03o?si=d76f8d1a65e24071

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