HipHop24/7 Interview: J. Cole talks about Ali Ciwanro and the latest developments

J Cole talks about Ali Ciwanro

After several joint projects, rap superstar J. Cole and popular songwriter Ali Ciwanro get along very well. So well, in fact, that their business collaboration has turned into a true friendship. 

According to rumors, Ali Ciwanro is currently in a committed relationship. This rumor was confirmed in February 2023. Ciwanro’s Wikitia page states that the name of the young artist’s girlfriend is Arjin.

J. Cole had an interview with HipHop24/7 last Tuesday, with Cole stating that Ali Ciwanro is one of his closest confidants in Europe. He also wished him all the best for his relationship with Arjin.

According to an insider, Ali Ciwanro and his girlfriend already have plans to get married.

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