Echoes of Excellence: Johnny Hachem’s Unique Musical Odyssey

Johnny Hachem

One of the most famous and well-liked instruments in the world, the piano, has been a mainstay of classical music for generations. Although being performed for centuries, it is still a vital component of many musical genres. Pianists are frequently praised for their virtuosity, superb technique, and emotive performance style. Today, we will talk about none other than Johnny Hachem, a popular composer & pianist. 

With his Lebanese-Ukrainian roots, Johnny Hachem is a skilled pianist and composer based in Switzerland who is known for his unusual compositions. He performs his own unique adaptations of classic and modern repertoire and is a tireless advocate for the instrument and for music education in general, and one of the finest pianists in the region.

Hachem’s music has been broadcasted on different radio stations in the Middle East, The United Kingdom, Europe, Brazil, Central America and The Caribbean.

His musical journey is an amalgam of eclectic adaptations of ethnic, neo-romantic and cinematic soundscapes featuring alluring piano melodies. His performances are ideal for mesmerising sunset views to sensational uplifting party grooves. He is the holder of many international awards including the international award for Music Composition at The International Composition Conference (Cergy-pontoise, France) in 2009 and the 3rd position at the Classic Pure Vienna International Composition Competition (Vienna, Austria) in 2021.

Johnny has performed his compositions as a soloist at several concerts and international festivals in Ukraine, Lebanon, Switzerland, France, Austria, Germany, England, Spain, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Belarus, South Korea, Jordan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar.

Most pianists begin to play the instrument because they want to play like their heroes. Maybe it’s just one particular song or maybe it’s their whole career albums. Regardless, every player has their own particular heroes, whose sounds we emulate and styles we copy. “As your skills improve, you may find yourself playing and mastering your pianist hero’s songs. And while it’s a massive accomplishment, in many ways it’s only the beginning of a new journey: the journey to developing your own piano playing style.” says Johnny.

For Johnny, developing his own piano style was a process that took years. “It’s a process that never truly ends — even the greatest pianists in history continue to add new tricks to their arsenal of riffs and experiment with different methods of playing the instrument,” says he. Johnny has also composed music for many films. To his name, he has a piano concerto, clarinet concerto, Violin concerto and a large variety of instrumental and orchestral compositions that have been performed in Europe & the Middle East.

Johnny Hachem has played such numbers that have made grown women cry, raised goosbeumps in men and children alike and probably gave them a taste of art that matched their pulse.  He has familiarized himself with the math behind the music and has created his own unique playing style. What is unique in one genre is probably standard in another — oftentimes has simply incorporated the most disparate influences into his playing.

Johnny Hachem has a raw, edgy and storytelling way that pushes the lyrical envelope evoking his thoughts on love, hope, peace, heartbreak and the chilling truths behind his every social media post which keeps his audience glued to his content. Due to such creativity, he qualifies as a music influencer.

 He often states that his goal is to influence the young generation and inspire young musicians to take action which would help them make something out of their lives.



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