‘Doom Bass’ project ‘Antania’ bypasses three record label offers to sign to a small ‘Metal’ label in Italy


Satanic horror duo Antania have announced their signing to Italian metal record label The Triad Recs. The announcement coincides with Antania’s back-to-back headlining tours, one in the south and one in the Midwest, rumors of Antania announcing another tour in the south are happening.

Video-The God Complex https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGdfgmVw-gE&pp=sAQB

On Antania’s signing, bass maker  Dr Luna shares: “It was a perfect-storm-moment for Antania; musically, culturally, to make the jump to a label that seems to get us was important. We received 4 record labels offers. Two medium size labels and two small, we went for the label with the most motivation. I have more drive than ever and needed a label home that understood that.”

Antania - The God Complex

Antania made a name for themselves with the release of their explosive demo  “Lividity” in June 2023. The band draws inspiration from merging bass music and murder porn with death metal, Antania will release their first full-length “The God Conplex” via The Triad Recs December 5th this year.

Antania Concert

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