Vger presents his new album: THE DARK CITY

Vger The Dark City

In an increasingly violent world, where the extremes seem
being the only recourses, what will become of our sprawling cities?
Are we going to experience a set of community spaces under
the yoke of limitless powers or anarchies?
What will become of our individual freedoms if we lose culture, science and free will?
Blinded and manipulated without realizing it or through complacency, will we be pushed to repeat the worst extremities?

Vger The Dark City Promo

About Vger

Vger is a brilliant French composer who has been at the forefront of electronic and new age music for the past few years. His music has been hugely influenced by different ethnic cultures around the world, making his music unique in its own right. Throughout his career, Vger has collaborated with many other musicians, leading him to produce his own albums that are truly original and creative.


His latest project « THE DARK CITY » has been released now and is already making waves. Taking inspiration from the relationship between images and music, Vger has created what promise to be an exceptional album. His vision is simple yet profound – all music starts from images and each sound tells an image he wants the listener to imagine.




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