Tips, for Getting Your Music on Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal

Congratulations, on releasing your music into the world! Before celebrating with champagne hold on a moment.

Getting your song online is just the opening act. Without followers, it’s like throwing a killer party and forgetting to send out invites. Awkward, right?

Now comes the real show: promoting your music and getting it into eager ears. The VIP backstage pass to success? Playlists, baby! Sure, you could share your tunes on social media or your website, but that’s like whispering in a crowded stadium. Playlists are your megaphone!

But how do you snag those coveted playlist spots? Should you go all-in on Spotify or spread the love to Apple Music and Tidal? Stick around, and we’ll spill the tea!

Who, What And How?


Let’s meet our streaming superstars:

Spotify: The Swedish Sensation

Born in Sweden 14 years ago, Spotify’s now the cool kid on the block with over 400 million subscribers in 180+ countries. It’s like the high school quarterback of streaming platforms – popular, but not always paying (57% freeloaders, 43% paying customers). Spotify’s got user playlists, algorithmic magic, editorial hotlists, radio stations, and even podcasts. Plus, there’s a fancy “Spotify for artists” dashboard – definitely worth checking out if you’re new to the game!

Apple Music: The Sleek Sophomore

Apple Music, which entered the scene fashionably late in 2015 has now become the popular streaming service globally attracting 88 million users across 167 countries. While it shares similarities, with Spotify, Apple Music brings its touch to user playlists. Navigating music submission on this platform may pose some challenges. We’ll delve into that aspect shortly!

Moving on to Tidal; The High Fidelity Hipster

Tidal holds a place as our underdog in the music streaming realm. Acquired by Jay Z in 2015 Tidal prioritizes quality experiences. Offering a library of 80 million songs and 350K music videos Tidal is accessible in 61 countries. Has garnered a loyal user base of 3 million. It’s like a club, for audiophiles.

Playlists On Different Platforms

Alright, your song’s out there in the wild. Now it’s time to get it on those sweet, sweet playlists. Each platform’s got its own playlist flavors and submission recipes.

Spotify Playlists: The Triple Threat

1. Editorial Playlists: Created by Spotify’s own playlist wizards. Landing on these can skyrocket your career faster than a caffeinated rocket.

2. Algorithmic Playlists: Spotify’s AI remembers your listeners’ every move and creates custom playlists. It’s like a musical mind-reader!

3. User-created Playlists: Made by regular Joes and Janes, or sometimes fancy brands and businesses. We’ve got a secret weapon to help you submit to these – stay tuned!

By the way, Spotify promotion is the best way to promote music based on the fact that it has the largest user base in the world.

apple music

Apple Music Playlist Submission: The Tricky Tango

Apple Music’s playlist game is a bit more mysterious. Their editorial team is like a secret society – no pitching allowed! Unlike Spotify there’s no way to check the number of followers a playlist has on Apple Music. It’s, like trying to estimate the amount of jelly beans, in a jar.. Fret not we’re working on a solution to simplify submitting music to Apple Music!

Tidal Playlists: The Exclusive Club

Tidal’s playlists are mostly a closed party, with editorial lists being harder to crack than a bank vault. User playlists aren’t super popular here, so maybe don’t put all your eggs in this high-fidelity basket.

The Verdict?

Spotify’s the popular kid, but don’t sleep on Apple Music and Tidal. They might be your ticket to stardom since there’s less competition!

Which Digital Distributor should you choose?

Picking a digital distributor is like choosing a sidekick for your musical journey. There’s a lot to consider, so check out our blog on “Which Is The Best Digital Distribution Platform?” for the inside scoop! Find out more about the best music promotion service available on the market. You can also use Spotify ads to promote your music and get on algorithmic playlists.

There you have it, folks! Your roadmap to playlist domination across the streaming universe. Now go forth and conquer those playlists like the rock star you are!

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