Haan Is Pushing Limits With New Music In 2022


Haan (Stylized HAAN) is a recording artist and songwriter from Australia. He has been passionate about music for many years, and in fact, he has been prying on becoming an artist ever since he was only a child.  At a young age he started dabbling with software and live instruments, allowing him to become familiar with rhythm and tempo.  Hitting a stage and performing in front of other people was a great desire for him, and this quickly developed into a passion.  More importantly, it was a fantastic opportunity for the young budding artist to start showing the world what he had to offer.

Haan had the opportunity to keep building his morale and make the leap to focus on pursuing a career as an artist on a full-time basis.  After all, talent runs in the family since his close relatives are well-respected rap artists!  It was only natural for Haan to follow in their footsteps.  Still, he also wanted to do more than ride in the wave of companions: he wanted to create his legacy, a powerful and dynamic personal sound that was expressive and spontaneous.  Haan managed to succeed, and the quality of his tracks speaks for itself. He is enthusiastic about working on his debut album, and he is keen on the fact that people will resonate with his story.  Haan has put considerable effort into this upcoming release, with many features to leverage its influence and credibility.  His supporters and fans who have been there since day one will most absolutely enjoy this one.  Still, this album will also be a fantastic opportunity for Neco to push his creativity to the limit and develop a tremendous modern sound that will take the rap music scene by storm.

2022 is most definitely going to be a defining day for Haan  He will be up to great things, and this upcoming studio release will only be the beginning of what this talented performer has up his sleeves for the near future.  One thing’s for sure: he is certainly no one-trick pony, as the fantastic features and diverse stylistic range of this influential album will show the audience!

Find out more about Haan, and do not miss out on more music, news, updates, and releases from this rap artist on the rise.


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