Difference between Harry Potter and the Prisoner Of Azkaban book and movie


Released in 2004 was the third movie in the Harry Potter series. This film also starts with Harry Potter in his relatives’ house for the summer break. He finds his Aunt Marge Dursley insulting his parents. He loses his temper and inflates till she blows up. He then runs away from his relative’s house with his from and the trunk and is later reunited with his friends Ron and Hermione.

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They learn about a Sirius Black a convicted supporter of Voldemort who has escaped the Azkaban prison and is now set to kill Harry who was also responsible for the death of his parents. They head to Hogwarts and learn from Dumbledore about the dementors who will be guarding the school until Sirius Black is found. The Fat Lady’s portrait which guards the Gryffindor is then found in another frame, she tells Dumbledore that the Black has entered Hogwarts. The story then unfolds to the trio encountering Black and then the revelation of the truth happens.


As the trio grows so does the story and their adventures in the movie. We also see the growth of the character of Harry Potter from a meek orphan to the master of his wand. He does come a long way as a character and further deepens his ties with the audience. With its realistic animation and the parallel soundtrack, the movie has once again proved its mettle and stood by the test time as the movie is loved even today. The underlying theme of the movie that is friendship deepens further among Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they face all the wicked creatures together. A trailer of a possible romantic angle between Ron and Hermione is also seen in the movie which will come to the surface in the upcoming movies.


As far as the readers of the Harry Potter series are concerned they were a bit disappointed with the movie. A lot of the things that they expected from the movie just did not happen in the movie. Let’s take a look at the things that were different from the book in the movie.

Floating Aunt ends up in Sheffield.

One of the most dramatic and funniest scenes in the movie was the inflating of Aunt Marge Dursley by Harry Potter when she verbally abuses his parents. In the book, the aunt floats till Number 4 Privet Drive. But in the movie, she is seen circling around a chimney in Sheffield.

This scene was long-awaited and expected by the audience. The viewers wanted Harry Potter to revenge his relatives for the mistreatment he was subjected and it happened just in the right way.

No Cho Chang introduced in the third book

It might come as a shock but No Cho Chang was introduced in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. She is a Ravenclaw Seeker and seen in the Quidditch against Harry that harry wins to get the Golden Snitch. No Quidditch fight happens between Ravenclaw Seeker and Gryffindor in the movie. So, No Cha Chang is introduced much later in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Harry’s happy memory to cast Patronus

The Patronus spell works effectively when the seller thinks of a happy memory. The happy memory that he uses is when he finds out that is is a wizard and that now he’ll finally be free from the house of Dursley’s. Although in the movie he makes up a happy memory of his parents talking. He is able to cast the spell in his second attempt but it’s not until his third attempt that he successfully casts the spell.

Harry Winning the Quidditch Cup

Harry Potter as he is the hero of the series also merges as a Hero for the Gryffindor team. He wins the Quidditch Cup for the team and is celebrated with much applause in the book. But the movie does not show this winning moment, the only scene that is shown in the film is his match against Hufflepuff.

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