Daan de Rover’s Song Detroit Continues To Garner Critical Acclaim

Daan De Rover

February, the shortest month, gave us many good songs for every occasion. Same we see in March 2022. March is chock full of new music. We’ve already conveniently collected some of the month’s best songs, and it was no easy feat to compile this thrilling list of tracks. Some have overwhelmed us throughout the month, like Daan de Rover’s Detroit. Whatever you may have failed to listen to, we are here to fill in the gaps with one of the month’s best songs, according to us, in march 2022.

Fantastic young talent Daan de Rover is back with a bang with his latest solo called Detroit. It marks his first new release since his critically acclaimed debut song, Dark ice. That song, too, did well on Spotify. Not only that before, that also 3 of his songs were also loved by many music lovers on Spotify. 

Striking the ratio of smooth melodies intertwined with subtle instrumental embellishments and poetic lyrics that have all become Daan de Rover pins, “Detroit” picks up where the best of Dark Ice is left over. 

Even as each chorus requires that you “Detroit,” Daan de Rover delivers his lyrics with such love that you can tell he would instead you not have to do it at all: “Oh, he forgot himself/he don’t want no one else.” It feels right to dance along even as the song is breaking your heart, reaching right to the middle of what has made Daan de Rover so exciting to watch with each new piece. 

He is all set with his latest album in mid of May 2022. No official announcement has been made by singer Daan de Rover yet, but rumours are saying we might see a bunch of songs in his album this year in May or June 2022.

You can connect with him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cryptoroveryt/

You can also listen to his popular songs on Spotify:

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