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Drama movies are feature films based on events that exist in real life but often go unnoticed by most people. Drama movies are often sobering and intriguing. Some of these films are based on real life, some reflect history, and some describe myths or fantasy. It shapes characters and organizational structures, refines plots and expresses thematic ideas through artistic techniques such as centralized generalization. The rhythm of drama films is often relatively slow. Still, the plot is relatively compact, and it often portrays a social phenomenon and the living conditions of a particular group of people, making it easy to make viewers emotionally resonate.

Here are the 5 free drama movies online:

1. Gifted (2017)

Gifted is a 2017 drama movie directed by Marc Webb. In the film, Captain America plays Frank Adler, a former Boston University teaching assistant who is now a boat repairman. After his sister commits suicide, he adopts his niece Mary, a talented girl with extraordinary intelligence. Mary acted out of the ordinary as soon as she entered the school. However, Uncle Frank wanted to let the child live an ordinary life. Mary’s grandmother learns of the girl’s talent and appears in their lives to training Mary to be a mathematical genius. So began a custody battle. In addition to the warmth of this movie, I benefited more from how the hero communicates with his niece. For example, Mary was embarrassed to see her teacher in their house in the morning, so she got angry with Mary and said some angry words. Then Mary sat on her bed and sulked. After a while, Mary apologized to Mary, and she asked her to forgive him. Is it because he let him have no personal life? At this moment, Frank did not directly explain that he did not but said: I said at that time, just like you said, I was a Bad Uncle because I did not buy you a piano.

2. Pulp Fiction (1994)

Pulp Fiction is a 1994 drama movie directed by Quentin Tarantino. The indistinguishable, complementary structure of each paragraph in the film, the beginning and the end, are connected. “Pulp Fiction” has become a symbol, but anyone who says he likes watching “Pulp Fiction” movies must not miss it. Anyone who has read “Pulp Fiction” can’t help but say it’s good. Pulp Fiction consists of three stories: Vincent and Marsellus’s Wife, The Gold Watch, Bonnie’s Situation, and five parts: opening and ending. In the seemingly independent stories, there are also interlocking characters and events. A masterpiece of nonlinear narrative cinema. The structure is clever and meaningful, and the dialogue is excellent. Everyone in the film has beautiful qualities but is hopelessly dark and lost. Each piece is undifferentiated from beginning to end, with a complementary structure and end to end, suggesting that, in reality, a movie-like plot is always happening, never-ending. Each participant in an event has their own set of reasons and states for being involved in that event, and the same person plays very different roles at different times and states.

3. 1917 (2019)

1917 is a 2019 drama movie directed by Sam Mendes. In 1917, at the height of World War I, two 16-year-old British soldiers were ordered to rush to the front lines of death with a message to the general: “Stop attacking now.” With only eight hours, limited weapons and ammo, no one knew what lay ahead: a quiet place of death, a barbed wire lined with dead bodies, sudden enemy forces, dangerous conditions that could kill at any moment… This time two boys to save the lives of 1600 people, give me or give me death! The film is 119 minutes long, giving a feeling of “one shot to the end, ” which is ingenious. The camera is not moving for the sake of moving. The combination of static, tension and relaxation The characters, environment and expressions in the long shot of the movement are stable and precise. Some details are also uniquely depicted.

4. Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl is a 2014 drama movie directed by David Fincher. On the morning of his fifth wedding anniversary, Nick Dunn (Ben Affleck) goes to his sister Margo’s (Carrie Coon) bar, Railing against a once loving wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike), and entirely hopeless marriage. When he returned home, he found signs of violence in the living room and no sign of his wife. Detective Rhonda Boney (Kim Dickens) arrives to investigate the report. The clues left at the scene indicate that this is not an ordinary disappearance but a murder crime that may be hidden behind the love between husband and wife. Amy’s disappearance through the media sensationalized and speculation soon became famous throughout the country, misconduct Nick was brought to the front of the storm, has not been seen of the lover of his merciless trial, you and my sweet words have already turned to blood revenge and torture.

5. La La Land (2016)

What are the best movies in drama movies? One of the best movies in dramas is La La Land. La La Land is about Mia (Emma Stone), who aspires to be an actress, but so far, she’s just an ordinary barista in a cafe on the set. Despite her endless auditions, Mia has only failed. Then, one day, at a party, Mia meets a man named Sebastian (Ryan Gosling). At first, they have a little trouble. Still, Mia is soon attracted to Sebastian’s shining talent and pure pursuit of jazz, and they eventually get together. Then, with Sebastian’s encouragement, Mia quit her cafe job to concentrate on writing scripts for herself.

Meanwhile, Sebastian joins a popular jazz band to obtain a stable income and starts to play modern jazz which he does not like. As time passes, the two people strive to pursue their dreams, but the distance between them is getting farther and farther. Between the ideal and the feelings, they have to make a choice.

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