Javier Rodriguez releases his full-length album ‘Un Jour Viendra’

Javier Rodriguez

Creatively encapsulating the passionate highs and lows of human connection, composer and musician Javier Rodriguez releases his full-length album ‘Un Jour Viendra’, and explores the depths of life by way of deeply moving instrumental journeys.

Written and recorded as a direct soundtrack for the film ‘Un Jour Viendra’, by multi-award-winning director Nicolas Cazalé, the project showcases an artist and performer of equal parts skill and devotion. These 10 original tracks uniquely relay aspects of a story heavy with the weight of broken families and declining mental health.

Masterfully-crafted yet also exceedingly diverse, the album highlights the unrivalled experience of one of Europe’s most well-received live musicians, and underlines a sublime and powerful way with design and instrumental story-telling.

Javier Rodriguez

The Spanish-born symphonist Javier originally studied with legendary pianist Rafael Orozco, before adopting a life as travelling musician and composer, soon renowned across the film and ballet worlds. Having written the scores for a number of groundbreaking films, and backed by two Tony Award nominations and an appointed role as Music Director of The World Ballet, the distinguished artist continues to hit the music world with unparalleled impact. ‘Un Jour Viendra’ acts as a fiercely emotive reminder of his divine way with uniting the blissfully delicate and the boldly intense.

 ‘Un Jour Viendra’ promises to embrace and elevate listeners with both heartbreak and hope. From the joy and brightness of ‘Another Day’, through the darkness and minimalism of ‘Un Valse pour Audrey’, to the rising optimism of ‘Le Voyage’ and sudden vocal humanity of ‘Noe’s theme’, this experience draws intricate focus to the changing stages of a gripping story.

Our protagonist Audrey, weakened by time spent in a psychiatric hospital, finds joy for the first time when reunited with her son Luca. Ultimately, audiences share in both her pleasure and pain, as that joy is later stripped away; leaving only time and space to contemplate oneself and the choices of the past.

Javier Rodriguez has collaborated with a multitude of globally accomplished musicians, and the launch of both the film and score for ‘Un Jour Viendra’ no doubt further secures his role as one of this generation’s most impactful creatives.

Available now in Bandcamp https://javierpekerodriguez.bandcamp.com/album/un-jour-viendra

It will be release in all major online music platforms on December 20th.

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