Melvin Fromm Jr: A Versatile Composer

Melvin Fromm Jr is a composer from Pennsylvania, USA, who creates instrumental music in various genres and moods. He started writing song lyrics in the mid-1990s to express his love for his girlfriend, now wife, and later learned to compose music from scratch in the mid-2000s. He works with award-winning musicians and producers who have collaborated with major music stars of different genres, such as country, pop, rock, jazz, and blues.

He has released over 4000 songs and has received positive feedback from radio stations, online platforms, and listeners worldwide for his soothing and easy feeling music. He has also won several awards and recognition for his music, such as the “Your music has helped make this year better 2020 award” and the most popular “artist feature” on a UK radio website. His music has been used in various media projects, such as indie films, short films, YouTube videos, TikTok videos, Instagram ads, and TV shows in London and the UK.

All of Melvin’s music is original and helped Melvin reach the “Hall Of Fame ” for the most songs played on Amazing Radio Networks worldwide since 2021. Melvin’s music has also been added to a Grammy-winning Oscar-winning music catalog, 2 major network tv content music catalogs, and music being played on overhead business radio in malls and stores worldwide. Melvin just landed a deal with an indie record label that worked with country star Hunter Hayes at the start of his music career to get noticed to help my music on SoundCloud grow even more as it has reached 945k streams and growing according to Songstats when Composer Melvin Fromm Jr. is searched. Thanks to the voting of more then 800+ worldwide radio stations in 2023, Melvin’s name has been added to the “Best Indie Music Artist List” & “Best Song Catalog List” by the Official International Charts Of Independent Music.

Captivating and enriching, Melvin Fromm Jr’s new music will take you to new soundscapes a songwriter and composer who has music coming out daily on streaming sites & SoundCloud, along with an interview on Melvin and his music that was picked as “Top Artist Articles” by a UK music Magazine. You can find all of this info on Melvin’s Facebook page @


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