Making Music & Contributing To An Important Cause – Talented Singer Songwriter Rob Massard Latest Album!

Rob Massard and making music for an important cause

Rob Massard is a talented musician originally from Mentor, Ohio and currently residing in Michigan. Rob’s older brother Gus played a significant role in his life and was very influential growing up. At age 4, his brother Gus was away at war in Vietnam, Rob began to strum the open strings and marvel at the fantastic reverberations of sound that poured out of that acoustic guitar. At the age of seven, he began taking guitar lessons seriously and even placed second in his first talent show. By age 16, Rob became a rhythm guitarist for his first band and helped form the “Black Market” band.  He was generating a buzz with his music and started to pursue music professionally later on.  In 2016, his brother Gus was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer at age 66 and soon passed away and the same year Rob’s close friend invited him to help record a new song.  In 2017, Rob released his first album called Consciousness and continued his success in  performing a live concerts and releasing many more hit songs. Read further to find out where to purchase Rob’s albums and more!


Rob Massard continued to release great songs including ‘Northern Lights’ in 2019 , ‘Thousand River Sun’ in 2021 and his latest album ‘Ascension’ with David Roof from Roof Top Recording was released in June 2022. Rob contributes to the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network with his music.  See below where you are able to purchase his latest songs and also follow Rob Massard on his official website to keep up with the latest!


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