WHEN.in.MAINE – Option feat. Amélie Swann

When In Maine - Option

This is the 11th band’s single in just 4 months. “Option” features Amélie Swann, an artist based in Philly recording dark and enchanting songs merging infectious grooves of funk and allure of trip-hop. Her voice mixed with electronic textures brings us what’s best of new and 90’s and 2000’s music past. They met thanks to  UK radio presenter Chris Redjam and his Midweek Alternative Music Show where their songs were aired. They came up with collab idea back when When.In.Maine was still Snakedoctors but it turned into a song just recently. It belongs to that side of rock that is close to post new wave sounds. “Option” tells a story of someone who wants and craves for love so much that it’s fine to be just an option. Even if it’s just and only one of few to be considered. 

The single is promoted by a music video shot in locations both in Poland and the US. The main theme of the video continues from When.In.Maine’s “Ditched” single. And will continue also in their upcoming soon video for their first album’s title song. “Option” itself will be a part of band’s second album which is expected to be out in the end of 2024. 

About Amélie Swann:

Amélie Swann is Philly’s Dark Pop Princess. Since 2021, she has been re-inventing trip hop for the modern age. The vibe is dark and sensual and Amélie has been compared to “Portishead”, “Little Dragon” and “Santigold”. Check her out on Spotify or wherever you stream music. And go follow her on IG @amelieswannofficial for new music coming soon!

About WHEN.in.MAINE:

When.In.Maine is a music project created by Wojciech Wypych and Jarosław Jerry Szybowski two members of Snakedoctors. They play hard rock with a slight touch of numetal. This direction was already defined by the last Snakedoctors album (“Waiting”). The band focuses primarily on the melodic aspects of songs. They often release bonus alternative and remixed versions of their singles marked as Late Night in Maine songs. Those are often heavily influenced by synthwave and new wave. The lineup for upcoming shows in this coming Spring includes also Ada Nikelewska and Daniel Ogi Ogorzałek. 

Since the end of September of 2023 under new name they released eleven singles already and all of them charted. New band’s songs reached already radio charts: Radio Olsztyn Top 40 (No. 1 with “Midlife Crisis”), Radio Ostrowiec Top 20 (No. 3 with “Stole My Memories” and “Proved Me Wrong”), #waszamuza Inne.Radio Polska Muzyka Alternatywna Top 30, both daily Poland iTunes Top 200 (including a few number ones) and weekly Top 100 Rock, Pop & All Genres charts, one of independent UK radio charts and Australian Valley FM daily chart (also  two Tracks of The Day). Their songs were aired in Poland and also in the US, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Peru, Venezuela, Spain, Australia and many more countries. The band’s first album will be out in March. They are already working on the next one. Songs for the album were recorded with Darryll Nutt, US based drummer who worked with members of famous bands and famous artists (including AC/DC and Goo Goo Dolls). 

Many guests took part in the production of the album, including: Chris Rakestraw, who recorded the last two Megadeth albums, Marshall Gallagher, producer and leader of the band Teenage Wrist and Dave Dominguez, who worked previously with Papa Roach, Staind and Guns’N’Roses. One of songs was produced by Ted Gainey a drummer, vocalist and mixing engineer who played among many with Duff Dorrough, R.L. Burnside, Blue Mountain and Kudzu Kings.

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