Experience a heartwarming sensation as TaniA’s melodious voice serenades you with her captivating love ballad in “I Struck Gold With You.”


Introducing another successful release! TaniA Kyllikki has returned with her newest track, “I Struck Gold With You.” The long-distance romance between TaniA Kyllikki and Rynellton is a refreshing love tale that serves as a motivation for true love among challenges. The challenges of a long-distance relationship can be demanding, especially after getting married.

Due to TaniA’s autoimmune diseases, cardiac issues, and medication use, they have faced difficulties while living apart, which may be straining on their relationship. The inspirational power couple has maintained their trust in God and their ten-year relationship while facing adversity. Despite being geographically distant, they have collaborated on music independently, both gaining recognition in the music industry and grabbing audiences with every new release.

TaniA, recognised as The British Songbird, reached #25 on the top 100 charts with her debut album, “Why Chapter One,” which she wrote herself. Rynellton was solely responsible for producing the album, which debuted in 2022. The popularity of the couple, sometimes referred to as the next Sonny and Cher, has increased with each new release. NeYo recognised TaniA in 2021 and promoted her successful single, “Remind Me,” in support of her as an independent singer-songwriter. After releasing her debut single “In These Eyes,” in June 2023, TaniA has now published a new track named “I Struck Gold With You” off her upcoming second album “Free-Spirited,” set to be released in 2024.

I Struck Gold With You, which was released on February 9th, has already gained significant attention independently. The song is not just a piece of music; it is an epic journey. Kyllikki wrote the song, which chronicles her ten-year journey with her husband, Rynellton, who is also a songwriter, musician, and music producer. Their story showcases exceptional perseverance and demonstrates how love can overcome physical distances and life’s unforeseeable obstacles. Due to their shared love of music, the couple has been able to overcome obstacles as a team, demonstrating their unwavering support and respect for one another.

TaniA’s single has quickly accumulated huge interest within three weeks and has received high praise in various music reviews and news outlets, being suggested as a perfect fit for a Hollywood film soundtrack. Rynellton’s enchanting production, combined with TaniA’s passionate and powerful angelic voice delivery and in-depth storytelling, has become her signature. Inspiring her followers and music journalists and critics globally.

This single is significant to Kyllikki as it recounts her personal journey and acknowledges the steadfast support she received from her followers amid her health challenges. The genuine bond between the performer and the listener enhances “I Struck Gold With You” beyond a typical love song, turning it into a collective experience—a soothing musical embrace.



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