What Shreek Theater Is Doing To Support African American Filmmakers

From 2007 to 2019, Only 13.5 Percent of the Top 1,300 Films Were Directed by Underrepresented Directors

shreek theatre

Participating African American filmmakers are being called by Digidork Creative and Nance Nickels of Shreek Theater. As part of its plans, the horror label aims to redesign and redefine the face of horror. Shreek provides global exposure and opportunities for aspiring horror filmmakers. The black-owned company is working to put more African American filmmakers behind the camera as well in the head office.

“I took notice that many of my circle, as well as myself, were horror enthusiasts and yet I had trouble finding any African American filmmakers in the genre. We were few to none.”
Owner Nance Nickels

In a study by USC Annenberg’s Inclusion Initiative, underrepresented directors helmed only 13.5 percent of the top 1,300 films from 2007 to 2019. The struggles Hollywood has faced to remain inclusive have been well-publicized and documented. Hollywood’s recent experiences have brought this issue to the forefront.

A difficult challenge facing African American filmmakers in Hollywood is getting funding. There are festivals, like Sundance, where filmmakers can get their films in front of some of the key decision-makers and critics, but they are often one-sided. Progress usually occurs externally, affecting Hollywood internally. While remaining a cornerstone of the movement, the American Black Film Festival is one of the events staged outside of Hollywood.

Shreek Theater was founded in 2018 by Digidork Creative and Nance Nickels and is based in Los Angeles. Shreek is a black-owned company focusing on global accessibility. The horror label presents both short-form and long-form films on the web and in theaters. Currently, the label is calling for up-and-coming African American filmmakers to exhibit their work specifically in the horror and thriller genre.

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