Phil The Voice brings grit and passion to a new single: “Bang Christ.”

A true taste of authentic Christian Hip-Hop with a very unapologetic modern feel.

bang christ

Phil The Voice is back on the scene with fantastic new studio work. “Bang Christ.” This remarkable piece of music stands out as a bold statement from the artist, mainly because it signifies his ability to think outside the box. While many artists in the hip-hop genre seem to be prisoners of the usual cliches, Phil The Voice is all about challenging himself and redefining the stereotypes. His music is incredibly personal and easy to relate to, bringing a breath of fresh air to the Christian rap landscape.

“Bang Christ” is a prime example of Phil The Voice’s personality, and it comes highly recommended if you are a fan of artists such as Kanye West, 50 Cent, and Kendrick Lamar, only to name a few. The production quality is expensive, and nothing stands in the way of the audience enjoying all of the nuances of this remarkable studio effort, which was arguably the product of great passion and seasoned songwriting.

Phil is a straight shooter in sharing his outlook, and “Bang Christ” is an edgy approach that celebrates his faith in God while still allowing CHH to colour out of the lines.  The video’s main inspiration was the artist’s willingness to share a very authentic experience with his audiences, considering the many misconceptions and aged drawn-out platitudes. Consequently, most people might not have a detailed picture of the crux of authentic rap culture. 

Let’s unpack some of the production—the song excels in giving each instrument its space. Instrumentally, the drums knock, and the transients allow the drums to slap you in the face. (I wouldn’t be surprised if the producer doubled up on the NY compression.)  In addition, there is something unique about how the vocals lock in with the beat with insane precision. Every line delivers a powerful phrase with meaning and vibe, and the down-tuned vocal effects seamlessly fall into place. The synth arpeggio parts in the background add some extra movement to the beat. Still, they never seem too overpowering, meaning that they sit in the background and add something more to the song while still allowing the vocals and percussion to take center stage.

Phil is planning on performing the song live and supporting the release with some touring. He will hit various venues in California and hit some festival dates in Florida, namely the Flavorfest event in October, one of the most highly anticipated and respected live events among the Christian rap community.

Ultimately, this release is highly recommended to anyone who wants a more authentic taste of the raw CHH experience.  Phil is passionate about music and its ability to communicate, heal, and deeply inspire people of all walks of life to pursue their passion, live their best life, and follow their hearts in Christ. Oh, and did we mention already that his music slaps too? “Bang Christ” is an incredible take on the artist’s full-on creativity.

Find out more about Phil The Voice, and do not miss out on “Bang Christ,” which is currently available on every streaming platform.

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