Abstract Painter Minoo Pays Tribute to Caretakers with “Serenity” Package

Minoo Artist Canada

The Swiss-based American artist Minoo has expressed her gratitude and support to the healthcare workers who are giving their time and effort to fight COVID. Her “Serenity” mini-art series, in which she included a selection of her abstract paintings, was sent to the four largest hospitals in Switzerland in a recent gesture that was appreciated by all the recipients. Her mini art series of paintings, an original poem, and a box of chocolates were sent in appreciation of the work undertaken by the four largest hospitals in Switzerland. It was distributed to the care staff directors of each hospital, including Geneva, Zurich, Bern, and Lausanne University Hospitals.

While hospital staff work tirelessly to provide the best possible care for patients, they rarely receive thanks or recognition. Minoo expressed her desire to show support for hospital staff members and remind them of how much they were appreciated.

“Several of my friends work in the medical field, and they tell me how tired and disillusioned their colleagues are. The pandemic is taking its toll on everyone, but I wanted them to know that they aren’t forgotten.”

In the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak about two years ago, hospitals and medical workers became society’s principal line of defense against the pandemic. The hospital staff was the iconic heroes of our time, and society needed them more than ever. It is amazing how many people gathered together to support them- applauding the hospital staff every night, singing songs, and banging pots and pans as well as making support videos and praising them online.

Today, the situation is quite different. Despite a surge in covid cases and the hospitals’ ICUs reaching full capacity, the public’s response is at an all-time low. With the new reality of face masks and laws against social distancing, many people have become increasingly frustrated. Not much attention is being paid to healthcare workers who, unlike most people, have to sort out their personal lives, deal with the social and economic hardship caused by the pandemic, and still show up to work each day to meet face to face with the virus.

Minoo has always had a deep connection with hospitals and caretaking. Due to the artist’s connections in the healthcare sector, she was able to get an insider’s look at what these teams are going through around the world. Oftentimes, they are not given the recognition or support they need to make their lives easier during difficult times. In the past, she took her art and used it as a form of therapy for those who were going through hard times. She would run workshops for cancer patients, bringing them comfort with some creative projects or just talking about life’s little joys when they needed it most – because we all deserve happiness too!

The hospitals that received the packages were all grateful for such an appreciated gesture. The chocolates were shared with staff members present, while management promised they would hang up the painters work in a special place so everyone can enjoy them. University Hospital Lausanne went as far as to incorporate this project into their latest newsletter which was sent out among employees- resulting in even more positive feedback from people not addressed initially.

Find Minoo on Instagram: @minoo_artwork

Website: www.MinooArtwork.com

Minoo Painting Freedom
Minoo Painting Freedom

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