Why Julia Klochkova Is An Artist Who Is Reshaping The Musical Landscape

Julia Klochkova

Julia Klochkova is an unbelievably amazing vocalist and she goes in for the kill and gets all the dust off the 80s inspired sound that carries with it diverse elements from other genres to design a transcending original masterpiece that is painted with some free-spirit lyricism.

When you keep an ear out at her layered vocal harmonies which are intricately woven throughout reflective and inspirational lyrics, it is then you understand what a gifted gem she actually is.

Not only does Julia Klochkova showcase her penchant for writing the perfect bluesy-pop song, but her vocal harmonies are pitch-perfect. Boasting her usual impressive vocal work she injects this particular single with a much-needed dose of suave that has been tailored to perfection in this record-breaking stunningly innovated sound.

Brimming with melody and steeped in a gripping retro sense and lyrics that are inspired by female empowerment and positivity, it is close to impossible not to fall in love with this cohesive and wonderfully intriguing music that is bursting with inventive ideas and a keen eye for detail. “U come to me” is now available on all platforms.

Make sure to stream the track, save it to your favorite library, share it, and take a tour of the impressive catalog that Julia Klochkova has built that is brimming with consonance and sophistication!

Discover Julia Klochkova on Instagram | Spotify

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