How to Write a College Essay That Will Land You an Interview

Here are some tips to help you write college essays. Avoid writing one-liners, use off-color terminology, and keep your words to a maximum. You are trying to prove that you can persevere despite the odds. Your writing will be noticed by admissions officers and will show that you are a serious candidate. Here are some tips to help you write an essay for college that gets you interviewed.

Avoid writing a one-liner

You should think twice about writing a short essay in college. You never know when college admissions officers will disagree with you on a topic. Your essay will look unprofessional if it contains a one-liner. Instead, write a short story that illustrates your point.

Chris Peterson is the assistant director of MIT Admissions. He says, “Never write a single-liner in a piece.” This college essay tip is paraphrased from his post “How to Write a College Essay.” Another expert, Jeff Schiffman, the director of admissions at Tulane University, recommends avoiding the one-liner in your college essay. He says “It may come across as shallow, arrogant, or even rude.”

Avoid using off-color language

While off-color language can be appropriate in certain situations, it’s best to avoid it in your college essay. While there’s nothing wrong with referencing your social background, you should avoid using terms that are offensive, particularly ones aimed at dividing people into groups. You should not use terms such as “white supremacist”, “racist” or “racist” because these terms are often used in a judgmental context. Instead, try using terms such as “low socioeconomic status” or “high class.”

Stick to the word limit

Many college applications have a word limit or a range of words. Attempt to stay within that range. Don’t write too much or too little. This will make the reader think you don’t get the instructions. A college essay should be between 400-600 words. Some colleges may have more stringent requirements. For more information, please contact your college.

Students often exceed the maximum word count on college applications essays in the first paragraph. This is because they are trying to promote themselves and their ideas. To stay within the word limit, plan out your essay and focus on what matters to the admissions officers. Avoid repetition and excessive adverbs. After writing your essay, review it carefully and cut out any unnecessary words.

Show your resiliency

Among the many traits of a successful person is resiliency. People who are resilient are able to bounce back from setbacks and difficulties. Think of a basketball that bounces more sharply on a solid wood floor than on a soft mattress. Resilience comes from taking risks, which can be as extreme as applying to an elite college or as minor as dragging yourself out of bed. While taking a risk does not always guarantee a positive outcome, it can help us get through tough times.

Students must have a positive outlook and learn strategies to deal with challenging situations. Students should learn how to cope with difficult situations, find ways to stay positive, and seek help. You can help them start by participating in programs and events that promote resilience. A resiliency workshop can help increase peer awareness. Moreover, students can use the opportunity to learn new strategies and develop their own personal resilience by sharing their personal experiences.

Express your openness to growth

The essay section on the Common App allows you to write about personal growth. Although the term “growth”, is commonly associated with an essay prompt, this isn’t the only kind of narrative that you have the option to use. Be sure to explain what you mean by “growth” and how it is different from other types of narratives. If your essay reflects growth in some way, make sure you explain why. Not every student will find growth compelling; however, this genre of narratives can be effective for some students.

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