Artist Hunter Bibby Set To Release Uptempo Single “Ambitions”

Hunter Bibby

There are some artists in the music world that are simply certified hitmakers, and their levels of fame far exceed anything that I could even fathom in my own life. Bonafide superstars are what I consider these people, and there aren’t too many more beyond the likes of Avicii, DJ Snake, TIESTO, and John Mayer. Well, although it’s hard to imagine that he is quite there yet because his career is still so young, one multi-talented musician who I think is well on his way to a legacy that won’t be forgotten about is Hunter Bibby. He has this star power that translates into any song he jumps on turning to gold, both intangibly and physically.

Hunter Bibby’s anticipated single “Ambitions” fuses elements of classic EDM leading up to an energized vibe throughout the record without compromising dynamics.  Fans of Bibby wouldn’t be surprised that he delves into uncharted territory when it comes to genre-bending and getting out of his comfort zone.

This season we can expect much more of Hunter Bibby in the public space. New music, visuals and increased social media presence are definitely around the corner.

Stay up to date on all of Hunter Bibby’s music below

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