Savannah-based musician Elliot Szabo’s new album, “Brave,” explores human resilience in adversity

Elliot Szabo releases new album "Brave"

Elliot Szabo is a prolific recording artist who navigates an eclectic style of music with an air of authenticity and a natural vulnerability. He aims to make his mark with an innovative and trailblazing sound, tapping into nostalgia while keeping a keen eye on the future. His sound emerges from the demons he has faced, challenges that would defeat many of us. He’s had the roughest edges, but the music was the thing he always went back to for solace and sanctuary.

Knowing how music saved his life, he has made it his mission to save others’ lives through his musicianship as he draws from his personal experiences and allows listeners to find their own stories within the lyrics. His new album, “Brave,” is a shining example.

This album demonstrates his versatility and limitless creativity as a songwriter and musician. The tracks cleverly transition into one another without the album losing its authentic shape. The album features melodies rooted in blues rock and pop-rock, blended with the stylistic caliber of the Americana sound. The lyrics are touching and personal, which makes the message even more fulfilling.

“Time of My Life” connects with listeners deeply emotionally. The stripped-back feel allows Szabo’s message and powerful voice to thrive, and when he sings, it feels so heavenly—it touches you and profoundly impacts you. Delivered with a hopeful tonality, this track is meant to make a listener feel less alone. I love how, as the track nears its climax, that melodic edge of rock becomes more vibrant.

“Holding On to You” radiates with an extremely catchy melody bolstered by Elliot’s vocal performance. This track offers replay value because its memorable sing-along chorus captivates the listener. This is an inspirational song that finds strength in people that are close to us to overcome tragedy and loss.

The title track, “Brave,” is another personal track that features a sweet melody combined with Szabo’s soft and comforting vocals. This track is deeply emotional and features intense soul searching. The ethereal vocals blended with the lovely instrumental arrangement create a haunting dichotomy that is an ode to growth and recovery from depression.

This track was birthed from Elliot Szabo’s experiences with depression and suicidal attempts. Through the track’s lyrics that explore uncertainty and a near-hopeless situation, a listener going through a similar phase and emotional storm can find strength in the lyrics and resonate with the music.

Every song on the album tells a different story, grappling with those harsh emotions while trying to move forward.

Already streaming on all the popular platforms, I recommend taking a break from your busy schedule to enjoy this heartfelt music inspired by Elliot Szabo’s personal experiences and delivered with passion.

Check out his website for more information regarding Elliot Szabo, his music, and merchandise.

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