How 10-year-old star on the rise, Badkid Paris is taking over your timeline!

Badkid Paris

Young 10-year-old Badkid Paris, born Paris Gilliam originally from Beamont Texas, is currently exploding out of Houston. This multi-talented young black female entrepreneur has worked her way into stardom through releasing an assortment of content showcasing her busy life, as well as sharing her experiences in collaborating with other influencers and stars alike. One in particular being Funny Mike, who is an actor and comedian who has amassed over 2 million followers across almost all social media platforms. Funny Mike has an active YouTube series as well as channel whom which Paris has starred in some skits with Funny Mike. The attention and traction garnered from Funny Mike’s audience has given this “bad kid” some fuel to add to her fire. Paris has continued this momentum and continues to release creative content pertaining to her life. This kid is on fire to say the least with each video on her YouTube channel alone averaging well over 100k views and amassing just over 100k subscribers in the process. Her Instagram has over half a million people engaged watching “the glow up.” From hitting skits, raps, and self-expression posts, Paris doesn’t fall short when it comes to keeping her fans engaged. Explore and discover pages have been a major part of Paris’s ability to grow on Instagram alone as well as cross platforming her YouTube channel. Watch out and stay tuned for what this 10-year-old is about to heat up with next!

Speculation and rumors in the online community suggest that Paris is on track for early endorsement and sponsorship deals. One can only imagine what a young-minded individual could accomplish even further after already kicking but in life this early, her passion for Jiu-Jitsu proceeds her, and the discipline she’s collected from that particular life venture has shown itself to us. From the swimming pool to the shopping center, there is no telling what this kid can’t do. Her passion for music, rapping and writing has made its way onto her YouTube channel recently. Her recent song titled “Money All Around Me” which currently sits at over 300k views in just over a month, has true roots of inspiration from her own father. Now that she has added some child talent agencies to her roster to help elevate her career, we can expect to see more from this “Bad kid.” Take a look into Paris’ lifestyle and follow her on social media @imbadkidpariss

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