“You and me underneath the tree” by Exquilis, a fantastic EDM song

There is something for everyone for Christmas tunes. Perhaps you know the old-school original hit, “White Christmas by Bing Crosby”, or more recent ones like “All I want for Christmas is You“ by Mariah Carey or “Last Christmas by Wham“.

Some of Christmas songs were reflections on social issues at the time they were penned.

“White Christmas” refers to the homesick soldiers fighting in the Second War.

 “Do they know it’s Christmas by Band Aid“ is a song about Ethiopia’s 1983-1985 famine.

 “You and me underneath the tree“ by Exquilis, a project produced by two songwriters, is an original EDM song, bringing us back the spirit of the end-of-year holiday period. Their music is influenced by David Guetta, Zedd, Calvin Harris. Stromae.

Audryelle, a lead singer in a multicultural choir performing sacred and secular songs is the featured guest vocalist.

Her incredibly expressive voice highlights some lyrics spiced with gospel references.

The song alludes to the personal history of Audryelle. As a traveling family member, she lived in Western Africa and the USA and is now back in Belgium, her homeland. She witnessed the rapidly evolving social environment in the last two years due to the sanitary conditions worldwide.

With the movement restrictions and travel bans this year, it is an opportunity  to harp back on the foundations of the Christmas holidays. It means getting closer to the beloved ones.

“Oh, my Lord, please have mercy on those souls who are needy”. Some people are still in need of food, others in need of culture.  Then, follow better times with “Blessed we are, we feel happy, you and me underneath the tree”. The singer captures the listener’s imagination and invites us back to the magic of togetherness, underneath the tree.

The song’s sprinkling electronic arrangements in the instrumental part, together with the lively Christmas choreography in the video, create the typical cheery Christmas spirit we love.

“Life’s a treasure we all own for all what we do right or wrong”

That is the idea of the capacity of choosing life for good or evil, darkness or light.

Despite the materialism usually associated with Christmas events, life is the real treasure.

Our inner disposition or spiritual state gives everyone the possibility to think and act free for our dignity.

The influence of modern tracking technology is described in the two first lines of the chorus. Then the narrator comes back to the needs of human beings, being together. The fourth line of the chorus underlines the symbolism of gathering people under the Christmas tree, a cultural tradition inherited from our ancestors for transmission to the next generations. The song fades out by repeating the words ”under the Christmas tree”. The tree is a seasonal ingredient that brings home that warm, fuzzy feeling akin to this time of year.

“You and me under the Christmas tree” by Exquilis let us enjoy a fantastic EDM gospel spiced song for the Christmas celebrations in a modern outfit.


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