Exquilis presents two EDM party anthems, “Light up the fuse” and “Never miss a chance to dance,” about teenagers and police officers at parties

EXQUILIS is releasing a dual single with two videos simultaneously. The song “Light up the fuse” is about young adults enjoying themselves at a party. “Never miss a chance”  refers to the police joining it. It is like a book with two chapters of the same importance and you got to read from the beginning until the end to understand the enjoyable story.

It starts with youngsters who need to kick back and relax at the end of the week. In dealing with the daily monotonous routine of life, it is necessary to break it up a little bit. The lyrics illustrate how they spend all night having fun.

While the chorus contains simple lyrics focusing on dance, the verses describe characters. Funky John likes hanging out with friends, but sometimes he dreams of his world. Daisy is a girl who likes to participate in catwalks. Further, a bunch of mad, but friendly personages enjoys more energy parties. Lyrics like “Kings, queens are limbos are part of the show. Come on, join the party animals” illustrate the actions of some sportive party participants getting physical.

The message is straightforward, have fun. All the audience is put under the spotlight. Musically, the synths, adrenaline-boosting rhythms and the pretty pop vocals of Ellisia lead to a dance floor euphoria.

The second song “Never miss a chance” illustrates the social role of the police in a small town.

The track opens with a catchy synth riff serving as a hook, warbling and bubbling into your ears. It is repeated before every stanza immediately catching the attention and the song’s construction leads to a higher climax in the chorus.

Police officers are tasked, sometimes unjustifiably, with solving the problems of long-brewing interpersonal conflicts. Often, they are called back to the same address tackling the same problem repeatedly.

Called up to the party by neighbors complaining about noise, the police squad is more visual than vocal and contributes by its participation to the community’s safety. Their proactive approach engages them fully with the implementation of a funny form of community policing (street level), encouraging social closeness.

“Light up the fuse and” and “Never miss a chance to dance” have the same role. Dancing is an activity, creating euphoria, which is the experience of pleasure and intense feelings of happiness.

After releasing “You and Me underneath the tree,” a Christmas song, the songwriting pair of Exquilis proposes a concept with two tracks. Musically and lyrically, they prove they can offer alternative songs. They have influences of Stromae, Taylor Swift, Zedd and David Guetta allowing them to explore a broad range of musical colors.

The songwriters are creating coherent stories in the frame of the EDM music, but also transcending genres. As they intend to produce, at regular intervals, tracks in 2022, sure they will leave a mark on the music landscape.

The energy of each celebration tracks takes the listeners on a journey. A rush of emotions makes them feel happy with these pleasant dance tunes.

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Light up the fuse

Never miss a chance to dance

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