Wais Sarajzada on the Importance of Controlling Your Emotions

Wais Sarajzada

Great music, regardless of its genre, era, or artist, has one unifying and universal factor that transcends language barriers, cultures, and generations to speak our very souls. That elusive and magical factor is pure emotions. From Beethoven to the Beatles, from Elvis to Eminem, and from Lil Wayne to Lil Baby, the aspiration to put it all on the line in a song and exposing your deepest, innermost self to the world touches a chord with us all and is a true talent. The need for almost every artist at one point in their career is to channel their emotions in order to upgrade their talent and become a world focus. This is something that young musical sensation Wais Sarajzada has been busy creating and astronomically passionate about.

“Growing up, I always found a way to use music as an escape from reality because it opened up an alternate universe where I could be myself and experience my true emotions without criticism or a sense of regret,” explained Wais Sarajzada, before including, “Creating music has given me an intense and rewarding inner life. It’s allowed me to be creative in ways I’ve never thought I’d be able to reach. There was no doubt in my mind it was what I wanted to dedicate all my time and being to, I also want to be able to express my emotions in a way I knew that only the most talented could.”

Wais Sarajzada has been a versatile musician from an early age. During his youth at home, he would be on the trumpet, piano, or violin practicing. As his recorded output to date testifies his growth and success in the music industry, he believes there’s more to come. Wais Sarajzada, like all true artists, craves emotional authenticity to make the whole world take notice. He explained “Anyone can knock out 15 minutes of fame. However, that’s not what I’m interested in. My goal is to leave an impact that’ll help my listeners and build a legacy to come.”

Current Wais is receiving many interviews on well-respected hip hop platforms such as This is 50 and HipHop Since 1987, all this is because of his major success on his latest single “Confused” which is currently being listened to by thousands of people daily. This virality has caused Wais to gain lots more attention and new listeners that are excited for his up-and-coming projects.

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