The Amity Affliction Tour Dates 2022

The Amity Affliction is known in many countries. The band begins a tour, which many fans have been waiting for. The tour is quite large-scale. At the moment, the performer plan to visit at least 28 American cities. It is now known that the list of tours includes such cities as Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, and others. The release clarifies that replenishment is possible in the list of cities, therefore the list has not yet been fully presented. Of course, according to tradition, guests will be present on the tour. This time Archetypes Collide will perform with the group, other performers are also considered as candidates, there will be several guests. The tour featured the most popular songs of the EP “Somewhere Beyond the Blue” and the studio album “Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them” which received a lot of positive reviews. The tour will start in March and end in May 2022. Tickets for the band’s concerts can be bought both at the box office and on the Internet, on services such as Vivid Seats, TickPick and other sites for the sale and resale of tickets.

The Amity Affliction Concert Tour Album

An album with an unusual title Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them was very actively discussed by both fans of the band and critics. No one has come to a consensus about this work because the record evokes very diverse emotions. This album is the third in a row, the band released this record in early 2020. If we talk about the reaction of experts, then Carlos Celaya from Dead Press was the most critical of the album! In his opinion, the record causes hatred, and he described the album as very dark. The only thing that critics agreed on was the praise of the work of the drummers, who managed to decorate the compositions with unusual rhythms.

The Amity Affliction Tour Questions & Answers

How long do The Amity Affliction concerts last?

The duration of the concert largely depends on the venue and time of the event, as well as the duration of the break, in addition, the playlist plays an important role. The event can last 2 hours and 3 and a half. Usually, in each tour, the approximate time of the concert is indicated.

How much is The Amity Affliction?

Sometimes on the Internet, you can see information about very low prices for concerts of performers. This information is not true. The price of tickets for this group is standard by today’s standards -the cost ranges around $ 100. Of course, this price is valid if we are talking about a standard ticket category.

Is Amity Affliction Tour Cancelled?

No, this information was spread by some newspapers, but it turned out to be invalid. Representatives of the group denied this news and confirmed that all performances scheduled for the spring of 2022 will go according to the previously approved plan.

The Amity Affliction Bio

A band called The Amity Affliction is a metal core collective, the attitude to which many have very different. From the very moment, the group was founded in 2003, not everyone likes the creativity of the collective. Many people consider the band’s compositions too dark and heavy, but this does not prevent the band from having a huge number of fans around the world. To date, the band has released 7 albums, each of which has a composition that has received worldwide recognition from fans of this musical direction. The band’s songs are mainly about heavy topics – death, depression, suicide, drugs. That is why many critics speak negatively about the creativity of the collective, and children are not allowed anywhere near the creativity of musicians so as not to destroy the child’s psyche. Since the very first album, which was released in 2008, the band has been criticized for the theme of songs that can harm the psyche. Nevertheless, the band is popular all over the world and gives sold-out concerts. In 2022, the band is still actively engaged in creativity and travels with concerts.

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