ToMiK releases second single “Rücken an der Wand (Remastered)”

ToMiK - Rücken an der Wand (Remastered)

Awarded at the German Rock and Pop Prize 2021, ToMiK from Halle release the second single “Rücken an der Wand (Remaster)” for the released album “Mit offenen Augen”.

National and international media from the USA, France, UK and other countries have already reported on the album title “With Open Eyes”.

“Back on the wall” describes a personal experience to which singer Mike Pape says: “I acted to the best of my knowledge and belief and yet made someone close to me very unhappy. I think everyone knows this feeling. The song is meant to be an excuse and maybe it’s a comfort for people who have already experienced something like this.”

Thomas Spieß sums up the philosophy of ToMiK: “We not only want to address critical topics in our songs, but also process personal experiences and decisions. Because we are all not perfect, we hope that our own experiences are also meaningful for many other people and show: You are not alone!

Pape / Spieß otherwise like to take up socio-critical and socio-political topics without going too deep into the political waters.

In particular, they were rewarded at the German Rock and Pop Prize 2021 and honored in three categories.

Already at this time, the new album “With Open Eyes” was in the final phase of production to start the year 2022 furiously.

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