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Yona Marie Music

As a session singer, writer, and producer that has worked with over 200 clients to provide high-quality jingles, singles, features, nursery rhymes, and DJ drops, Yona Marie currently spends her time engulfed in creating and marketing new music.

She has developed a strong passion for creating helpful content for artists and musicians who share a similar plight of making their way through an ever-changing digital music world. Her most recent creative collaborations include work with PBS Sound Field, Tribe of Noise, and the National Black Chamber of Commerce. 

Although Yona did sporadic work for producers and artists as far back as 2009, she officially started my session singing (studio singing) work-for-hire gigs in 2018. This exciting career journey brought her a ton of new relationships, connections, and creative projects that sometimes were out of her scope of knowledge. Yona found herself engaging in a ton of research in the world of singing, writing, promoting, music business, and artist development topics. 

To her surprise, a lot of sites she found through google were giving thin, outdated, or sometimes plain wrong information. With extra effort and other resources like video and book content, Yona was able to find mostly all the answers to her questions, but she couldn’t believe there was so much helpful content that the music niche was lacking. 

Yona had experience with content writing for several brands in the past, so she decided she wanted to take her skills and create a new brand. With Yona’s site, she decided that she would create hundreds of blogs that give free informational content to musicians like her who need facts, advice, and ideas that would help further their efforts in their musical journey. 

Yona Marie Music is a helpful resource for musicians, singers, rappers, and a variety of others in the music industry looking to learn more about their passion. Here, you’ll be able to find music news, tips on song creating, marketing, tools needed for your music career, and much more.

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