Phoenix Based Rapper Yung Bookie Da Name About to Take Over the Summer With a New Coruscating Anthem Dubbed, “HoneySuckle”

Yung Bookie Da Name

The capacity for stunning human innovation and creativity cannot be measured and this is truer for the young and upcoming hip-hop star Brandon “Yung Bookie Da Name” who hails from Phoenix in Arizona. Apart from his unique stage name, his style of music is versatile and allows him to connect on a more intimate level with the current crop of teenagers graduating through the stages of life- from high school to college and to adulthood. And you best believe that this certified young baller is making waves with his unparalleled sound and style not only in his hometown but also in other parts of the world.

Through his emotion-filled vocal performances, Yung Bookie Da Name radiates raw emotion through explosive hip-hop instrumentation. His style encompasses some blazing anthems over heavy beats, some deep-phased bass, and pounding synths rendering his music euphoric with mood-evoking quality. His sensual and powerful vocals are the cherry atop the melodic cake!

He has a new summer anthem dubbed “HoneySuckle” and it is absolutely majestic. A lyrical masterpiece and the passionate performance over the addicting beats qualify it as the smash hit of the summer – this is not even up for debate! From the rap-infused melodic flourishes flavored by some alluring percussions which for some reason, one can’t seem to get out of their head to the glamorously expressive danceable and banging beats with some tasty blends thrown in there for pleasure- it is safe to say that this is a groundbreaking release.

The way Yung Bookie Da Name is able to confront the beats offering a peace deal as he delivers on his part of the deal by rap-singing in the catchy chorus sections and changing tact like a terminator with his lyrical imagination; delving right into the heart of the tune with his rap blows helps inject the track with that extra bit of flair and intrigue!

You wouldn’t actually mind losing yourself to its affecting splendor as you dance like no one’s watching in your summer clothes, face plastered with glee and having the time of your life. This tune allows that- it’s not judgy, just wants you to feel young again and let go of the worries as you escape into a world brimming with happiness and extreme joy!

Follow the attached link, save this in your favorite summer playlist and play it on repeat!

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