Reputable Acting School LA Founded By Hollywood Powercouple Yeniffer Behrens & Maurico Mendoza – Shortcut2Hollywood!

Yeniffer Behrens and Mauricio Mendoza  founded Shortcut 2 Hollywood acting school

Shortcut 2 Hollywood acting school founders Mauricio Mendoza and Yeniffer Behrens offer a variety of coaching and mentoring services to actors of all ages that instantly help to Greenlight an actor’s career. Mauricio Mendoza is a veteran producer and actor who has won numerous awards and appeared in films with legendary actors, including Johnny Depp. Yeniffer Behrens is a talented actress, producer, and director who has appeared in a number of popular films and television shows. Yeniffer and Mauricio are a Hollywood power couple with over 50 years of combined experience in the entertainment industry and appearances on top network shows such as ABC and NBC. True Form Films, Inc. was also founded by Yeniffer Behrens and Mauricio Mendoza, and it has been producing films, television series, and commercials for over 15 years.

Shortcut2Hollywood is exclusively teaching actors all the secrets of the business and entrepreneurial skills to instantly show results and Greenlight an actor’s career while working with some of the greatest actors, casting directors, and filmmakers in Hollywood. Actors attending have had real success stories, booked films, and gained representation. Mauricio Mendoza and Yeniffer Behrens, are not only coaching actors, but also producing and starring in quality productions. As confirmed by IMDB, Mauricio Mendoza has 7 upcoming projects lined up, and Yeniffer Behrens has 5 film projects in the works!  Shortcut2Hollywood provides a family environment for actors to dive into their talents while learning all the insider details about the industry from the best!


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