Rising Toronto artist Ty Hartz is shifting culture with his latest music

Ty Hartz

Ty Hartz is one of the most promising artists to come out of the Toronto music scene right now. His most recent project, “Building On Sand,” was very well-received, not only in his local scene but also elsewhere, mainly due to the artist’s far reach on the Internet. “Building On Sand” definitely represented a defining moment for Ty Hartz’s music and career, as it served as a launchpad for him to keep growing and experiment with new ideas.

Recently, Ty Hartz had the opportunity to sign a record deal potentially; as of now, the label hasn’t been disclosed, but this could be a significant game-changer for Ty this year.  In addition, he set out to work on some new music following the momentum, not resting in his comfort zone. On the contrary, the artist experimented with new ideas, growing each step of the way. Ty’s music is incredibly versatile and one-of-a-kind, and he loves to use his vocals to express feelings and emotions rather than following the same usual patterns. The rest of the year will be a substantial new season for the artist, and Ty Hartz’s latest catalog will highlight his growth since his previous releases.  New music, new collaborations, and highly relatable lyrics are only the beginning, as Ty Hartz aims to leave a mark in the music industry.

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