Wilbert Wynnberg: This Up-and-coming Musician Making The Next Generation Get On Their Feet And Dance

Wilbert Wynnberg

The music industry has just been blessed with a generational talent for the ages, in the form of Wilbert Wynnberg. Ask any Millennial and Gen-Z music listener on the street, and they’ll agree.

Streaming platforms like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, and even YouTube Music have changed the entire way people get to enjoy music nowadays. People no longer have to queue up at stores to buy physical records or CDs. These streaming platforms have also given rise to many music artists looking to make a big name for themselves.

Meet The Man

Wilbert Wynnberg is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and the Founder of Think Act Prosper, a global movement that started from a book, evolved into an annual business conference, and now a straight fire album. He has appeared on various media platforms all over the world such as Forbes, USA Today, Yahoo, and many more. And now, he has made his imprint on the music world with his debut album, Think Act Prosper.

The Come Up

Having been born in Singapore, Wilbert had been influenced by both Eastern and Western media from a young age. His childhood idols were Eminem, Pitbull and Jay Chou, and since a young age, has been comfortable singing in both Mandarin and English. Having always been an avid fan of music, Wilbert had always wanted to produce an album of his own, and as he grew older, managed to pick up the skills to realise his childhood dream. Now he’s aiming to stand alongside his childhood idols as an all-time great.

Wynnberg’s Music

Wilbert Wynnberg’s music is now on all major music platforms and you can listen to his latest album, Think Act Prosper, consisting of the following tracks:

  • I Am Because We Are
  • Next Big Thing
  • One Step at a  Time
  • Order Amongst Chaos
  • Together We Conquer
  • Way of Life
  • Winners Never Quit

Get ready to dance and 10X your life. You may follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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