Love Can Be A Duality

Christine Restakyan

Reality is duality, and duality perhaps is something to be integrated, not polarized. Life is not black or white. It is black and white, and all shades of gray in between.

We are weak and strong at the same time. Big changes excite us and scare us at the same time. And certainly falling in love or having a committed relationship is one of those exciting and scary ones. Especially for those, who faced many love-hate relationships before.

The key to accept the greatness of being everything at once, is to merge with life and the wholeness of our being in our hearts. And that is the message, which the new original song “Duality” strives to convey, i.e. instead of simplifying duality with our controlling mind full of “WHAT IFs” and “BUTs”, why not we activate our ability to discern, to see all the “ANDs” with our hearts at present, at this moment in time.

The song “Duality”, written by critically acclaimed Canadian songwriter, Mosi Dorbayani, invites everyone to mindfully dance in the spectrum – be present in the here and now.

Even the emphasize on integration and that the life is not black or white can be seen in ‘Duality’s Amazing Conceptual Music Video’: A black person appears as a white angel, and a white person, appears as a black angel. Their attractions to each other and their cold distances at times, perhaps makes viewers feel that one should embrace duality and inclusion indeed.

And of course the superb performance of Christine Restakyan, is a must listen to. Christine is a charming singer-songwriter from Georgia, a beautiful historic country situated at the intersection of Europe and Asia with astonishing Caucasus Mountain villages and Black Sea beaches.  

She released 5 original songs written by herself before, several of which are still aired on a number of popular radio stations across the country. In September 2021, Christine was discovered by ‘The World Academy of Arts, Literature and Media, WAALM – UK and Canada’, and as the result, she was invited to collaborate with Mosi.

“…I love Christina’s vocal timber; she has all the qualities of a rising star” – Mosi stated on Instagram.

‘Duality’ is Christine’s first international collaboration, which is released from North American and beyond.

You can stream Christine’s works on Spotify:

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