“Like a rat in the trap” is a song about today’s life by Buzzkickers, a rock band with no compromise


Like a rat in the trap” begins with a brief drum solo, followed by some guitar riffs. Then comes the chorus, which embodies the spirit of the song. It is a typical guitar band song with verses, alternative pre-choruses and choruses.

Some songs by “Buzzkickers,” focus on current events. The media, particularly television, manipulates people. Most people read the news and accept it at face value.

The second verse highlights the power and privileges of a happy few. The singer does not make compromises in sending a message to the audience, even relating very hard facts. He tries to captivate and engage the docile, compliant, or easily influenced listener, not get stuck like a rat in the trap. It is a powerful message.

The different chord progressions create a distinct contrast. The pre-chorus lyrics changes as the song progresses and the guitarist sings a more relaxed counter-melody than the lead singer. The instrumentation is held back. Then, the chorus reaches its peak.

“Buzzkickers” is a Belgian rock band signed by the digital label Soundfact. The band is currently led by lead vocalist Charles Elliot, the band’s primary songwriter, with organizational assistance from international musicians. Touring is planned for 2024. “Buzzkickers” combines grunge, hard rock, and heavy metal elements. Some of their influences are “Mäneskin, Paramore, Mod Sun, The Pretty Reckless, and Stone Temple Pilots.”

Whatever you like, you can dance or listen to the lyrics of « Like a rat in the trap».

Label Website: https://www.soundfactmusic.be/buzzkickers

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