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Kitchener is definitely one of the greatest cities in Canada and you would find it offering you a great degree of experience in enjoying one of the unique experiences ever for practically every travelling aspiration that you may have. However, it is always a great option to check out the best options for visiting Kitchener. So, when should you visit Kitchener? Let us try finding out.

When should you visit Kitchener?

The right time to visit the city of Kitchener would be between June and September. In fact, this season will have a pleasant atmosphere and environment in Kitchener and thus should provide you access to a great degree of experience and activities to your heart’s content.

The highest temperature in Kitchener during this season would ideally be 250 degree C in July. The lowest temperature in January can drop to as low as -4-degree C. That may perhaps be not an ideal time for your visit to the Kitchener city.

Kitchener city is known for continental climate. Based on the history of previous years, the temperature in Kitchener during the past years can include

January-4 degree C
February – March-3 degree C
April3 degree C
May18 degree C
June22 degree C
July25 degree C
August24 degree C
September21 degree C
October13 degree C
November6 degree C
December0 degree C

The weather of Kitchener is quite warm in summer and colder in winter. You would witness an average humidity of 82% and an UV-index of 3. In any case, we would recommend you to avoid visiting Kitchener between December and April. Once the month of May sets in, you will find that the weather begins getting a little favourable and comfortable.

Analysis of each month and the suitability for your visit to Kitchener

  • January – Extremely cold and dry. Never a good option to visit during this period. Day time temperature is a freezing -4°C (25°F), whilst at night -11°C (12°F).
  • February – Weather continues to be dry with colder temperatures. You will find the temperatures ranging from a day time temperature of a freezing -3°C (27°F), whilst at night -11°C (13°F)
  • March – You will find the weather continuing to be dry and colder. Temperatures range at day time at 3 degree C to -6 degree at night
  • April – Temperatures begin getting cooler from being colder. You will witness the day time temperature at a cool 11°C (52°F), whilst at night 1°C (33°F)
  • May – You will begin getting milder temperature and a dry month. Day time temperatures are a cool 18°C (65°F), whilst at night 7°C (44°F).
  • June – The temperature and weather is mild and damper in nature. The temperatures will hover between 23 degree C to 12 degree C
  • July – Temperatures now begin getting warmer and little damper. The day time temperatures range across 26 degree C during the day time and 14 degree C at night
  • August – The weather is both damp and warm in nature. The temperatures will range between 25 degree C to 1 degree C
  • September – You will weather continuing little damper and warm during the month. The temperatures range to a day time temperature of around 20°C (68°F), whilst at night 10°C (50°F)
  • October – November – The temperature and weather continue to be normal or best suited for travelling to Kitchener.
  • December – The temperatures are extremely colder and it also continues to be a little damp.

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