Covid friendly socially distanced activities in Toronto

covid friendly activities in Toronto

COVID is still there and ahs not yet gone completely. While most of the world is opening up to the pre-covid days, we still need to be careful about how to handle the scenario in a perfect and safer manner. We thought of listing out a few socially distanced activities that you can enjoy on your trip to Toronto.

Visit the Lavender fields

Visiting the lavender fields can be one of the prime and best activities that can be taken up during the Covid days. If you are looking to move out of the hustle and bustle of the city life and enjoy your day with nature, one of the excellent options to achieve this would be to visit the nearest lavender fields. A couple of good examples can be Weir’s Lane Lavender and Apiary, with beehives, and Apple Hill Lavender with the apple orchards.

The Toronto Islands

A visit to the Toronto Islands can be yet another great option for enjoying a great weekend in the arms of the nature. The islands can be accessed through a ferry and that should be one of the exciting experiences ever. A few of the best options that you would want to enjoy in the Toronto islands would include beaches, picnic tables, and even a 200-year-old lighthouse. You may also enjoy your bike rides here with the beautiful bike trails.

Visit the El Mercado market

You won’t believe us, but El Mercado is the first social distancing market in Toronto. The pop-up carryout market should bee the best choice if you are missing out on the street food and restaurants during the pre-Covid days. You may enjoy a host of delicacies that include pickle lemonade, dill churros, fried candy bars. You may also order your favorite beer as well.

Go to a local park

Visiting a low-key area can perhaps be one of the best options during the Covid times. This will ensure that you are away from the crowd and can enjoy everything in your own stride. Toronto has many parks and visiting any of these local parks should be a good idea. It can be your best option for the socially distanced get together or a picnic.

Edwards Gardens

This can be yet another prime option for the best socially distanced activity in Toronto during these testing times. In case you are someone who loves flowers and plants, the garden should definitely be your best bet. One of the best outdoor places in Toronto, the Edwards Gardens were opened for public in 1956. You can also visit the nearest Toronto Botanical gardens to make your experience all the more interesting view of the flora and fauna.

Now that you are aware of what to visit in Toronto during your visit during the COVID times, the choice of the right transportation should also matter a lot. We would recommend opting for the Toronto party bus rental for a more full-fledged experience with your Toronto itinerary. The Toronto party bus service providers are aware off their social responsibility and ensure that you are taken a complete care of social distancing and other protocols. Hiring the party bus in Toronto should ensure that you are in safe hands all through your journey. was not involved in the creation of this content. Information contained on this page is provided by an independent third-party content provider. makes no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

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