Meet Videographer Director Filmrat

Meet videographer director Filmrat. Filmrat’s name came from the word gym rat. In high school he played basketball and pretty much lived his life at the gym, until one day he gave up basketball and […]

Muhammad Al-Anesi

Muhammad Al-anesi. An inspired singer.

Art is that high class message that a group of talented people worked to adopt from generation to generation. some of them had used his talent well , while others had used it in the […]

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Get to know Jamaican artist 450

450 is a rising Jamaican artist who burst onto the streaming scene in 2019. Having always had a natural talent for music, the Dancehall artist honed his craft over the years to become the songwriter […]

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Get to know Jamaican producer Weekday

Jahvanie Morrison more popularly known as Weekday is a Jamaican born producer. His love of music started and was nurtured at a very young age where he mastered the keyboard and pursued formal education at […]


Hip hop culture paves the way forward

Canada’s cultural institutions need hip hop communities now more than ever. I say this after working as a guest curator at one of Canada’s most significant art galleries — the McMichael Canadian Art Collection — […]