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Burlington Limousine

Burlington is a beautiful city in Canada and located between Toronto and Niagara Falls. Located at the edge of Lake Ontario, it has been considered to be one of the best places in the Ontario region. If you are looking forward to one of the unique and best experiences in Burlington, here are a few great attractions that you would want to enjoy.

Visit the garden

This one is Canada’s largest garden and should be something that you would not want to miss out on. We are talking about the Royal Botanical Gardens. It should be something that you would not want to miss out on at any time while passing through the city. The garden is separated into several sections and measures 900 hectares. You will also find restaurants, outdoor gardens and a whole lot of other attractions here. There is a gift shop as well so that you can carry a few souvenirs back home.

The art that touches your heart

If you are an art connoisseur, you would find the art gallery of Burlington one of the unique attractions here. The gallery admeasures 4100 square metres and houses as many as 1000 pieces of art. The contemporary Canadian ceramics is one of the huge attractions at this venue. You would also find a great courtyard, that can be used for hosting exhibitions. It gets around 100,000 visitors through the year.

Enjoy rock climbing

There is plenty of action available for the adventurous. Mount Nemo Conservation Area is the perfect choice for the best possible experience in terms of rock climbing. One of the most popular rock-climbing destinations in Southwestern Ontario, it may not be the right one for an amateur. The spectacular views that you stand to gain here should further make it a very formidable option for all your needs. You also have a few hiking options available along with the rock climbing.

Explore the town

If you are trying to find out the history of the city of Burlington, taking a stroll along the downtown Burlington should come quite handy. You will find a few magnificent buildings a great attraction to go with. You would also enjoy the Victorian Vernacular, late Victorian and Gothic Revival mansions. Also do not miss out on the hotel-tavern Zimmerman House that was built in 1860.

Want to watch the weather?

There is an option in Burlington for that as well. The Discovery Landing building which is facing the lake can be a great option to watch the weather. The observatory here is designed to provide you with great panoramic views around the city. You can also enjoy the best view of the lake.

Well, irrespective of which activity you would prefer to indulge in Burlington, you can enhance your experience by hiring the right type of vehicle. The transportation such as Burlington Limo can prove to be an improved experience by almost every count. The affordable pricing and a host of amenities that form part of the limo can make your experience pr excellence.

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